Angel Babies

The unexpected loss of a child or pregnancy is more difficult than most can even imagine. The thought of selecting urns over baby clothes is nearly cruel for those in that position. FTM desires to step in and make this difficult time bearable and support the families in need.

FUNDamentals - 

As you can see from our FUNDamentals page this program has many uses. Most importantly FUNDamentals has an amazing financial literacy curriculum that was created by our very own founder and CEO. FUNDamnetals curriculum was created with the intention to be a 1 box program that could be used all over the world for children to learn and grow! To order the curriculum and begin a FUNDamental program at your location please go to "contact us"page

Limitless P.E.A.C.E Co-op

Positive Engagement Activates Constant Elevation 

Birthed in the middle of the recovery from a pandemic FTM answered the call to create a community of learning, safety, fun and support. Our Co-op focuses on 7 main monthly objectives that allow our children to think out side the systematic box of public education and enjoy learning & exploring with peers.

L.O.R.D. - League Of Remarkable Dads

A man to man  and man to youth mentoring program focused of the beauties of fathering. After a 6 week progression evaluation families come together for a "knighting" ceremony! Your children will "Knight you LORD!"

Mommies Say No No! to Disease 

This initiative is focused on mother's and mother's of children that suffer from autoimmune diseases! Where many projects look to find a cure, Mommies say NO NO to Disease focuses on ongoing support while living with the disease!

Welcome to the Club!

Community is one of the most important components of parenting. We want to begin supporting your family from the moment of conception but if we missed you, this program is intended to meet you after delivery. Our goal is to partner with local hospitals and drop off a variety of new gifts and resources for your family. We also mail out a welcome gift to new members once they "join our community" on the "Our Community" page.