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Our mission for FUNDamentals is simple, "end the cycle of generational poverty by way of education!" Parents simply can't teach what they don't know or understand themselves! FUNDamentals' goal is to provide the information to families in such a manner parents can teach it to their small children.

We seek to serve those that need it the most! The ones, according to statistics, that are already destined to live below the poverty line before their first words! Both schools and apartment complexes in low income areas is where we start!

If we have already partnered with your school or complex and you need to register your child click here for the simple online form.

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FUNDamentals' curriculm alone is world class! However, combining it with a solution such as, hot dinner meals to the child nutrition problem, takes this program to a completely different level! If you or someone you know needs dinner today, click below to find a FUNDamentals location near you!

If you think your school, community center, church or residential community could use this program, APPLY TODAY! All the information you need is available for download below or click the arrow to complete our online version of the contract! We can't wait to serve you!

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