First Time Moms began in May 2016 with the simple goal to assist parents, no matter the stage in parenting, with support, resources, and education that can make the parenting journey a little easier. Though "Moms" is in our title, we're NOT EXCLUSIVELY for women. Though "First Time" is also in our title, we are NOT EXCLUSIVE to first-time parents. Our goal here at FTM is that EVERY experience with a child be a "First Time" Experience!

We were truly created to help bridge the gap between parents and resources designed for them!


Our motto here at FTM is:

"There is NO book on parenting, but together we have a manuscript!"



FUNDamental$ Mission


FUNDamental$ seeks to break the chains of poverty through the power of knowledge. By providing a groundbreaking curriculum that equips parents to both learn and teach, we position children and parents in a partnership to financial freedom; establishing the foundation to rectify the past while preparing our future!



Meet Our Board


Jessie Escalante

Jessie Escalante is the founder and CEO of FTM. She currently serves as the Director of Operations for the FUNDamental$ program. Her love for children and heart for community has been an amazing breeding ground for greatness. 


Kiara West

Kiara West is a Labor and Delivery nurse, wife, and mother of 3! She works firsthand with mothers and babies. Her knowledge and experience have been a great contribution to how we support our parents.


Lakeitra Miller

Lakeitra Miller has over 10 years of childcare and daycare industry experience. Knowing the importance of key components in early childhood development centers is one of her greatest attributes to our team. As she continues to work toward her degree in social work, she began her fight for children right here on the FTM board.



Damon C. Warner, born in Roanoke, Va. At the age of 10, Damon moved to Houston, TX with his parents. Currently, he has been working in the valve business for 20 plus years. Loving husband and father of 3.


Damon Warner

Alonzo Escalante

Alonzo Escalante is a loving father, husband, and business owner. As the only male currently serving on our board, he sets the tone for the role of fatherhood in our organization. As a parent of 3 children, one of whom has special needs, he exemplifies the balance of compassion and support of fatherhood here at FTM.


Erica Warner

Erica M.Warner, born and raised in Houston, TX. Married with 2 kids and her bonus son. Erica is currently working in the Oil Field for 10 years as the administrator of the OffShore Team.